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We are a locally owned and operated HVAC service contractor based in Miami, Florida. We offer the best air conditioning installation, repair and replacement services in South Florida. We can also perform maintenance on your HVAC system with our scheduled service plans.

We are committed to providing high-quality service to our customers. You deserve to work with a dedicated and respected HVAC contractor for your needs in the area. We are considered the top choice for HVAC repair and installation services in Miami.

We’re different than most HVAC contractors in Miami. With us, there are no hidden fees. There are no outrageous prices. Let us take care of your air conditioning system without giving you the runaround. Call us now to schedule your service. We also offer emergency service 24 hours a day if you ever need us after hours.

You shouldn’t have to depend on ceiling fans to keep you cool.

You deserve to live in a home with cool, comfortable air. Whether you need air conditioning installation, AC repair or maintenance service, you can rely on us for exceptional HVAC service at a great prices. Call us for all your air conditioning service and installation needs in Miami and the surrounding areas today.


AC repair services performed in Miami, FL

24 Hour A/C Repair Miami

Living in the Miami area means long and brutal summer days. Your air conditioning system works hard all hours of the day and night to keep you cool. Wear and tear on the different components can be taxing and cause breakdowns. And we all know there is never a good time for your AC to go out. No one wants to spend all day diagnosing the problem or spend hundreds just to find out what went wrong, but it’s no fun waiting around without air conditioning in the middle of the south Florida heat.

And you want your unit repaired in a way that won’t fail a few months down the road. When you call us, you can be sure that your repairs will always be performed by highly qualified technicians that have many years experience in all types of HVAC repairs.

HVAC Repairs: Miami-Dade, Broward and Orange Counties

A/C Installation Service

No matter what the make or model of your system is, or even the age of your home, our technicians always deliver an accurate diagnosis and present you with the most cost-effective solution. And to top it off, we’re available 24 hours a day!

We are never more than a phone call away. Our team is fully certified and we have all the tools and know-how to repair any type of cooling system you can imagine. Our number 1 priority is to minimize downtime and provide the highest level of service anywhere in Miami.

Call us at 305-697-6820 for 24 hour emergency service or to schedule an appointment.

Though minor problems with your cooling system can seem insignificant, they should be diagnosed and repaired quickly. An unresolved problem can affect other systems and cause extensive damage that often can’t be repaired. Not only will an undiagnosed cooling system issue cause cooling trouble, it can also raise your energy costs significantly. Your AC system works harder when a component is experiencing a fault.

We understand that there are many reasons why homeowners put off simple HVAC service in Miami. Let us help you by providing clear information about your options and helping guide you to make the best choice.

Look For A/C Repair Near Me

Living in Miami means you depend on your cooling system to keep you comfortable all year round. And that means your equipment doesn’t get a break from the constant work load. This extra wear can quickly lead to component failure, repairs, inefficiency and even total system failure. When you call us, we can provide you with the proper maintenance to protect against premature failure and repairs. Regularly scheduled maintenance is the best way to keep your system operating at 100% all year long.

HVAC System Maintenance Services

When you need air conditioner maintenance in Miami or Pompano Beach, call us today and find out why we have been the leading choice in South Florida. Your comfort is our main priority, and we know how important maintenance is to the long-term health of your system. That’s why we put a high level of priority on every maintenance job we perform. Our commitment to your satisfaction means we will always go above and beyond to give you long-lasting results.

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Air Conditioner Repair Miami

Seasonal maintenance is an absolute necessity to maintain the efficiency of your HVAC system, all maintenance is not created equal. When we perform maintenance on your system, we take extra time to do a full inspection so that we can catch any potential problems before they start causing cooling issues. Our maintenance process includes cleaning, adjustment, and lubrication, as well as a focus on system efficiency and air quality. This results in a lower energy bill for you and a system that lasts many years to come.

Let us help with our convenient and simple approach to AC system maintenance. Call today for more information and let us answer any questions you might have.

Miami Air Conditioning

When it comes to investing in your comfort, there are no shortcuts. System energy efficiency, dependable and trouble-free performance, long-lasting durability, high air quality and efficient completion of your project are likely at the top of your priority list. We can deliver all those qualities and more. Our emphasis on customer service means we always go above and beyond provide an excellent experience.

It’s through this high standard of customer service and more efficient business practices and years of HVAC experience that has earned us such a great reputation. Our team is always learning and expanding their technical training in order to be ahead of the technological advances in the industry.

Miami’s Best HVAC Installation Service

Over the years, we have had many opportunities to install, maintain, and cooling system service, and diagnose various makes and models of cooling systems. We can perform full system replacement and installs on every different make and model cooling system on the market today. If you are still in the buying phase, let our knowledgeable and helpful team guide you in selecting the absolute best system for your needs. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a home cooling system. We are happy to help answer any questions you have about your new system.